Second-hand machines

In our large offer with about 100 unites of many well-known producers like REICH, FESSMANN, BASTRA, LEFA and many others you will surely find the right solution.

Here you can select the desired category:


Because not every second-hand chamber requires the same treatment, we differ between following categories:


  • funktionsgeprüft  functionally checked
  • Überholt  reconditioned
  • Generalüberholt  completely new built



Functional checked: funktionsgeprüft

All functions of a machine will be tested step by step and everything will be recorded. Damaged and perished components will be replaced.



Defective and perished parts of a machine will be renewed and well-known weaknesses will be improved. After that, all functions will be tested step by step and everything will be recorded in detail.


Completely new build:Generalüberholt

Here the machine will be completely dismantled and rebuilt. Components such as heating, cleaning, valves and motors will be overhauled or renewed. In case of smoke house the smoke generator type can be selected and usually also a new MC controller typ UNICONTROL will be installed. After that the machine will be configured, tested step by step and everything will be recorded.


You do not have found the appropriate machine for food processing?

No problem! We always have machines in flow. Please let us know your request.


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